Select a method of payment for your Covered California dental coverage through LIBERTY Dental Plan.

  1. To pay online one time, or to setup an account for AutoPay or to view and pay for your coverage:

    For your first payment (initial binder payment) you will need to supply the Binder Letter Number, and the premium amount as provided on the Initial Binder Letter you were sent. Once logged on, you will have the option to pay by Credit Card, Debit Card, or electronic check. For instructions on setting up an account visit

  2. Pay by phone: Make a one-time payment using our IVR payment system at (877) 484-4345.

  3. Mail in your payment using the paystub provided with your binder letter or invoice. You also have the option to click here to print the form and mail your payment. Please include your Subscriber ID on your check. Make checks payable to LIBERTY Dental Plan.

**IMPORTANT: Initial payments are refunded if we are unable to verify your Binder Number. If you experience this, please review the Binder Number on your payment receipt and resubmit payment as necessary or contact us if you have any questions.